Receiving Holy Spirit the Helper

Receiving Holy Spirit the Helper

When I met this person, my Christian life was radically changed for the better.

After encountering Him I hungered for more of God, and I no longer felt alone.

I understood that I had a piece of Jesus inside of me, to empower me to live a transformed life of joy. He was instrumental in my being “born again”.

Who is this person you ask? The Holy Spirit! The same Spirit Jesus calls “the Helper”. And if you haven’t met Him yet, I can’t wait for you to!

Holy Spirit empowers believers in Christ, even and especially humble, weak and broken people, with the everyday strength they need to walk into the freedom of Christ and the calling He’s created for them.

His Presence is real, palpable, and powerful. And Holy Spirit is Jesus’ gift to everyone who puts their faith in Him.

In fact here is Jesus’s dialogue with the disciples before going to the cross.

Jesus told the disciples, But I tell you the truth, it is to your advantage that I go away; for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you; but if I go, I will send Him to you.

John 16:7

Back in 2010, when I was a new believer, I went through a heartbreaking experience. In my despair, I called out to God and told Him, You need to help me! I don’t know what to do! I need You to show Yourself!

And the Lord answered my prayer by guiding me to a women’s home group called, “Designing Life”. When I called to inquire, I thought it was about designing your life. It turns out it was all about Holy Spirit’s power and presence in our lives.

In that class, surrounded by a small group of women who were hungry for God, I learned scripture after scripture about Holy Spirit. We prayed for wisdom, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and even for the gift of tongues, the “spiritual language” the disciples wrote about.

And the Holy Spirit showed up. I learned that He was a gift from Jesus, placed inside me. He’s with me always, and I know I will never be alone again.

Holy Spirit has inspired me to walk with Jesus for 10+ years now. And I can honestly say my life has been transformed for the better in every single way.

So naturally, I want to empower you to learn all YOU can about the precious Holy Spirit.

So, I’ve curated a group of four sermons to introduce you to the person of the Holy Spirit. These are all by Pastor John Piper, who is the founder of a wonderful resource,

I encourage you to take time to listen and learn about who Holy Spirit is, and why you absolutely need to have Him in your life. Like the deepest ocean, there are ever unfolding revelations about who He is.

Nevertheless, I’ve selected these four sermons, from a 1981 series about Holy Spirit to get you started:

That Which Is Born of the Spirit is Spirit

Let us walk by the Spirit

Be filled with the Spirit

Spiritual Gifts

These teachings mirror somewhat how I learned about Holy Spirit. First about Him and then about how God had uniquely made me, and gifted me, to walk out the good works He’d prepared for me.

And God has also prepared good works for you to walk in. Reach up to God and ask Him for more of Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit is Jesus’ gift to you. He’s the third person of the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The “fruit” of His Presence in our lives is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. He also reveals to us mysteries of God through speaking to our spirit, or inner man. He helps us understand the bible, helps us to pray, and helps convict our heart of sin when we need to repent, thus helping us to walk in holiness and the righteousness of God.

If you haven’t met Holy Spirit yet, let me leave you with a prayer.

Jesus, thank You so much for the gift of your Spirit.

  • Lord, You are constantly interceding, praying on my behalf before the throne of grace.
  • Father, I thank you that your design was that we would all dwell together. Christ in the Father, the Father in Christ, and Christ in Us. Holy Spirit is that Spirit of God meant to dwell in Your people.
  • Jesus, I pray, send me the gift of the Holy Spirit.
  • Lord I pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
  • Lord I confess my need for You.
  • Lord I repent for my sins, and long for Your righteousness to be my righteousness.
  • Lord, would you please send me the Helper, the Holy Spirit.
  • According to Your word in John 16:7. Your words are not just for the disciples but also for those who believe in You through their words. Lord that is me.
  • Lord I thank You that You watch over Your word to perform it. May it be so in my life.
  • I pray this in Your holy name, Jesus.


Beloved! I hope this post leaves you feeling joyful, hopeful and ready to receive the joy of the Lord which is our strength! Please, please share below, what your experience has been with Holy Spirit! Also if you prayed this prayer, let me know so I can pray for you too!

To God be the glory!

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